About us

toddgo wants to improve the mobility of families. Whether it is an extended summer holiday on the Baltic Sea or a short family city trip. The vision of toddgo is that families on the road can rent baby equipment everywhere, which they would otherwise have to transport cumbersomely by car, airplane or train.

Not only for the families but also for the locals like grandma and grandpa who need a travel cot or a child seat temporarily for a grandchild’s visit.

The idea arose, as so often, by our very own needs: Being afraid of traveling the world with kids because of all the baggage was a NoGo for us - toddgo is the answer.

Meet the team

Toddgo nicole brugger

Nicole Brugger

Toddgo simon brugger

Simon Brugger

Toddgo oliver petznick

Oliver Petznick

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