The historic capital of Germany with its 3.5 million inhabitants is not only the largest metropolis in Germany, but also known worldwide for its openness and tolerance. Historic buildings, museums and theatres, villa districts, neighbourhoods, start-up flair and small town idyll - Berlin has many faces. Every year millions of travellers succumb to the city's very own charm. But not only party people and adventurers get their money's worth here, families with small children are also offered a lot all year round. No matter whether you want to explore the city and the surrounding area on foot or by car - you can also rent a stroller, child seat and baby carrier online in Berlin via toddgo and pick them up on site.

Berlin in summer:

The zoo in Berlin is the oldest in Germany and known far beyond its borders. The pure variety of animals, the feeding shows and numerous activities for the little ones inspire thousands of children every year.

The former airfield in Tempelhof offers more than enough space on an almost endless surface to fly kites, romp around or simply go for a walk. Between urban gardens, numerous park benches invite you to take a break and marvel at the vastness in the middle of the city. From time to time you can even see sheep grazing. Grab a stroller and enjoy a piece of country life in the heart of the pulsating metropolis.

In other places in Berlin, on the other hand, you are guaranteed not only to see sheep: for example, at one of the numerous children's farms in and around Berlin. The old pheasantry, the Britzer Garten, the Charlottenburger Ziegenhof and many more - everywhere there are not only all kinds of animals but also countless activities that bring the children closer to nature and life and work on a farm. A few of the farms are located in the surrounding area of Berlin and can only be easily reached by car - you can rent a suitable child seat from us.

Berlin on rainy days:

The building of the botanical garden in Berlin Steglitz itself is already an impressive sight. If you go inside, the little ones won't get out of their amazement. With over 20,000 different plant species on around 43 hectares, children discover flora from all over the world, sniff the natural air and experience the rainforest.

The little ones can explore the fascinating world of underwater animals in the Aquarium Berlin. Fish, corals and numerous reptiles are spread over several floors, even blacktip reef shark are at home in one of the large pools. There are torchlight tours especially for children.

Berlin attaches great importance to cultural education, which is why numerous museums in the capital offer free admission for children under the age of 18. The Museumsdorf D√ľppel is particularly interesting for children. Here you are taken back to the Middle Ages in an authentically reconstructed village.

Berlin in winter:

As tough as children can be - at temperatures just above freezing point and without snow, even they will eventually find it too unpleasant to romp around outside. The numerous indoor playgrounds in Berlin offer an alternative. If there is snow, things look different: then tobogganing is the order of the day! Berlin also offers some possibilities for this, some of them even directly in the city centre.

Of course, there are also numerous Christmas markets in the capital. A particularly beautiful one is located in the heart of the pulsating metropolis: the Lucia Christmas Market in the Kulturbrauerei. Embedded between the old buildings of a historic brewery, one immediately gets the feeling of entering another world. Here, children can enjoy everything from a chain carousel to a miniature castle in a magical ambience. As on all Christmas markets it can get crowded here from time to time, so it is advisable to use a crax or a sling instead of manoeuvring the buggy through the crowds.