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Flying with kids is great!

Discovering the world with the kids is the best there is and this year we are flying in a real plane, hurray!

Toddgo fliegen mit kinder

First, we wanted to write the 728,000th list of tips for flying with children. Some of these lists offer really good tips, with which we also had good experiences. Others, however, are hardly worth reading as they either repeat themselves or simply have few good tips. But they all have one thing in common: somehow they give you the feeling that flying with children is a real challenge that only succeeds when you have made the right preparations.

We believe that - apart from a few good tips - it is all about the attitude of the parents that counts. First of all, you are going on vacation, great! And children are children. Only children have the privilege of dancing out of line and sometimes not working as the big people expect.

Just take care of your little ones and do your best, but do not burden yourself with what the other passengers think. Babies are allowed to scream! You are not the first people in the world to come up with the crazy idea of ‚Äč‚Äčgetting on a plane with children. The airlines, the crew and the airports are better prepared for children than many restaurants. Anyone climbing into a plane today has to expect that even children will be on board.

Do not make science out of it, you know your kids better than any internet tipplist. Do not pack too much, be creative and do not worry about other people's problems.