List your company on toddgo Would you like to be part of the toddgo network and offer parts of your assortment for rent? Great! Read here what benefits toddgo offers and just send us a message.

  • Would you like to offer your customers a new and innovative service? toddgo allows you to quickly and easily list items for rent.

  • Customers rent the items, on the one hand increase the customer frequency in your shop and on the other hand you can offer another service.

  • Your business gets on toddgo its own page, on which you can present your business, your assortment, etc. We are happy to arrange everything for you.

  • toddgo takes care of all bookings as well as stocks and payment. When a new reservation arrives, toddgo informs you automatically.

Why do not you just try it? There is no setup fee and no contract binding . We are looking forward to welcoming you. Are you interested? Or any questions?

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